Samantha Cormier. Suitcase Creatives.

Hi! I'm sam and i currently live in nashville, tennessee. I was born and raised in west virginia which is why you'll find a lot of my inspiration comes from there. 

i graduated college with a background in english and art and have continued to keep both a part of my life. my husband and i taught english in japan and south korea for nearly four years and moved to nashville in 2014. while my art took a backseat during our teaching years, since we've been back i've always liked painted things for myself. well, nothing like a pandemic to really jumpstart back into it and share it with the world. it's taken off more than i ever could have imagined!

my media is acrylic, occasionally watercolor. i like chunky, impressionist style strokes and i'm drawn to both bright colors and vintage tones. i love doing florals the most and i incorporate those into a lot of my art. 

if you like anything you see, you can get the in stock items or commission anything to your taste. i love commissions! nearly anything is customizable.

i hope you find something that moves you.