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The newest trend in weddings for 2023 is having a wedding content creator. If you want to chill out on your wedding day and you don't want to rely on your bridesmaids or Aunt Judy to capture those behind the scenes moments, then I got you! I am located in Nashville and will travel.


I shoot unlimited video and photo content for you to have within 24 hours, all ready to relive and post as you wish. 

Want someone to take over your Instagram for the day? Want a Tiktok of your wedding dress reveal? Want the shot of you and your bridesmaids doing a tearful toast in your robes? How about that video of your Uncle Rob dancing to the Spice Girls?

This is where I come in.

If you want to be fully present and in the moment on your big day, but you also want to make sure those moments are captured and those Tiktoks are made in a raw and fun way, a wedding content creator is your ticket to that. 

Why choose cake socials?

Because I've been in the game for a long time! I am a travel content creator with @samanthas_suitcase and I am also in the bachelorette professional photography game with @nashbash_snaps. Being both a professional photographer and a content creator, I know how to tell a story and how to capture moments. This was a very natural extension of what I already do. You are in great hands. 

what i am not

I am NOT a replacement for your photographer or videographer! I work around them to gather the more raw behind the scenes aspect of your day. I don't mind if they are in my shots but I don't want to be in theirs. Your photographer and videographer's end results are a beautifully edited and curated vision of your day while I as a content creator there am there for the more candid blips and clips. I am there for the socials; the tiktoks and reels and stories and posts. Your photographer will give you something beautiful to hang on your walls within a few months, I give you ready-made content to post the next day. 


services details


Highlight video

Instagram takeover


New Instagram account

We work together on what kind of Tiktoks/Reels you would like. Have you see any specific trends or transitions you love? We'll get them!

You will receive an edited compilation highlight video with music and potentially well-wishes from your guests. A sort of short storytelling of your day. 

In the Instagram takeover, you will grant me access to your account for the day. Along with shooting my regular content, I will be posting to your stories all day and even some static feed posts if you wish. 

If you choose a Polaroid option, I will take 10 Polaroid shots through the day for you to have actual tangible keepsakes.

In "the big one", I offer a unique new Instagram account set up and management. This needs to be booked at least one month before your big day. You will have at minimum 9 in feed posts including things like photos you send me of you and your soon-to-be-spouse, an engagement story, engagement photos, venue photos, and all the wedding information/details. I will even answer DMs from your guests if they have general wedding questions that I'd have the answer to. These will be posted slowly leading up to your big day so not only does everyone have all the up to date information but they get excited! 

Ready? Let's Talk!

Thanks for submitting! Get back to you ASAP!

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